“It’s a real pleasure to visit the Hearing Clinic, Henley. The atmosphere is super friendly and Leon does an excellent job. I’ve had problems with hearing aids from other clinics but this one is brilliant. You can tell that it really matters to Leon that all of his patients have the best service and he is completely focused on achieving that.”

Rosie Radford 


“I would just like to recommend The Hearing Clinic in Henley. My mother suffers with Dementia and Leon and his receptionist, Kinga, were so patient with her. Yesterday , my Mother had a problem with one of the Hearing Aids. I phoned the Clinic and spoke to Kinga, and as she lives relatively close to my 90 year old mother offered to collect it from her and has today returned it to her, now working perfectly. She went out of her way to assist me and I can’t thank her enough.”

Ray Beeton

“I went for my first appointment 10 months ago, Leon referred me to the NHS after my hearing test came back with severe hearing loss at just 43. Leon was excellent and his advice to go and get NHS hearing aids, try them to see how I got on with them was great. Mainly Leon advised me to do that to see if I would actually wear them without spending my own money. That proved to me that he was not in it for just another sale but his advice was genuine. So I’m nearly a year down the line and I’ve decided to go and try some new hearing aids from The Henley Hearing Clinic, once again I have seen Leon and his advice has been amazing. I have had a pair of aids on trial for a week and they are 10 times better than my NHS aids, I simply can’t do without them. Everyone at the clinic is really helpful and my experience has been great. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Ben Caddick

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