hearing the TVEver find you struggle to hear people on TV, do you feel that turning the TV up does not always help? Well it could be your hearing, but it could also be the production quality of the TV show. Recently the BBC  aired the drama Jamaica Inn, which resulted in over 2000 complaints due to ‘mumbled’ dialogue. Hundreds of viewers complained about having to turn the volume  to maximum to hear what was being said and some even had to have the subtitles on. A BBC spokeswoman had previously apologised and said: ‘We are adjusting the dialogue levels in episode two and three to address audience concerns so they can enjoy the rest of the drama and would like to apologise to those viewers who were affected’. Emma Frost, who wrote the screenplay, suggested a technical fault was to blame and not the way that the cast delivered the lines.

This was an irritating one off but for hearing impaired people and hearing aid users, struggling with hearing the TV is an every day occurrence. Program quality changes from program to program and from advert to commercial. Simply turning the TV up for most does not solve the problem, not to mention the issue of having the TV at a different level to what your partner/family requires. However there are some answers and tips for improving the situation!

Firstly, try adjusting the setting on the TV. If you look on the menu under settings you will usually have the option of adjusting bass, treble, etc. This can often give more quality than just adjusting the volume.

Secondly, adjust your hearing aid volume or use a remote control to adjust the volume on your hearing aid. If you do not have this feature turned on speak to your audiologist it can usually be added to most hearing aids.

Thirdly, get a streamer! Most hearing aid devices now have some form of loop enabled / bluetooth streaming device that will plug directly into the TV and wirelessly stream it to your hearing aids. There are also some generic devices to which will be compatible with a majority of new hearing aids. Streamers cut out the problem associated with distance and poor TV speakers, it also factors in your hearing loss prescription.

So if every program seems like Jamaica Inn then contact us at the Chalfont Hearing Centre on 01494 765144 to get advice on hearing, hearing aids and TV streaming devices.