Our Service Promise at Your Local Specialist Hearing Clinic

Our mission as a specialist hearing clinic is to deliver a world-class level of care and expertise, at a locally accessible level. We continuously strive to exceed patient expectations and deliver a renowned service to the community that we serve.

We pride ourselves on providing only honest, informed and practical advice to our patients, whilst also delivering the maximum benefit possible to all in our care.

We have a clear and competitive pricing structure that caters for all budgets. We promise to offer fair prices all year round, with no false inflations, no pressure and no hidden costs.

Our confidence in our pricing structure means that we will price match if required. If you find a better price elsewhere and the offering is comparable in relation to service, quality and reliability then get in touch and we will happily match that price. Understandably, we will only consider like-for-like comparisons from reputable hearing dispensing centres.

Our our specialist hearing clinic we are fully committed to the ethos of The Hearing Clinic, Henley – the desire to be outstandingand make a difference in everything we do for your hearing health. This involves hard work, pulling together as a team and being committed to our patients.

Many people experience the effects of hearing loss or health-related problems like tinnitus or earwax buildup but fail to take action. Don’t put off getting your ear health in check.  Our team of highly-qualified audiologists are ready and waiting to help you regain your hearing and restore your quality of life. Whatever hearing treatment or support you need, we’re here to help. Take the first step to a new you and book with us today.

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Your hearing is one of the most precious abilities you possess, and losing it can be life changing. contact us today and see how The Hearing Clinic Henley can help you.