hearing loss affects the brainDo you suffer from hearing loss? Do you continually play it down as not important? Then the findings from a recent Johns Hopkins University study may shock you.  It is recognised that the brain shrinks with age however shrinkage in older adults with hearing loss may be significantly faster. The study found that impaired hearing subjects lost more than an additional cubic centimetre of brain tissue each year, indicating accelerated rates of brain atrophy compared to those with normal hearing.

The findings also give rise to the importance of addressing and treating hearing loss sooner rather than ignoring it, as not only are you neglecting the hearing loss but you are potentially compounding the problems associated with ageing. The findings add to the growing list of health consequences associated with hearing loss, including increased risk of dementia, falls, hospitalisations and diminished physical and mental health.

This research highlights the importance of regular check ups with your audiologist. Annual or at least Bi-Annual hearing tests are essential for monitoring hearing health and general wellbeing. If you would like a check-up call us 01494 765144.