We would like to confirm WE ARE NOT the hearing aid ‘shop’ trading as Henley Hearing Care’ at 23 Hart Street. WE ARE The HEARING CLINIC HENLEY, based at 25 HART STREET, HENLEY-on-THAMES. Although we have historically traded in the area for longer, the new company ‘Henley Hearing Care’ deliberately and inconsiderately set up as the same name as we were trading as. After deliberation we felt it was more important to concentrate on our clinical excellence rather than waste time and resources on fighting a naming rights issue.
Since 2015 we have re-branded from Henley Hearing Centre to The Hearing Clinic to ensure that our more vulnerable patients are not left confused, mislead or taken advantage of. We are the only Independent Hearing Aid and Tinnitus Clinic in South Oxfordshire qualified to MSc Level and awarded Consultant Approved Status, Widex Centre of Excellence, BSHAA CEC Certified, Approved Unitron Centre, Resound Approved Centre and Starkey Approved Partner. In addition to being specialists in hearing aid technology, we specialise in tinnitus management and earwax removal (microsuction & irrigation).
Please choose your hearing healthcare provider carefully as there are differing levels of Hearing Healthcare Professional competence. The lowest qualification is a foundation degree in Hearing Aid Technology, this person is a hearing aid dispenser / hearing aid audiologist, most hearing aid ‘shops’ and national chains will recruit at this basic level, they are the equivalent to a dispensing optician / sales person. An Audiologist is the hearing equivalent to and ophthalmologist optician and will be better placed to deal with your hearing issues. These low level qualified individuals are often hard sales people and have limited understanding of hearing aid technology. They will often use FREE Hearing tests from your home to entice people to contact them. Once in your home they will often pressure you until you buy something, and potentially purchase something that is not completely right for you.
We have also had instances where certain companies are booking hearing events and home hearing tests pretending they are from our company, where in fact they have no affiliation to us. WE WILL NOT INSIST ON HOME VISITS and would prefer our patients to attend our clinic, so you are clear with who you are dealing with.
Please ask for ID from the person you are dealing with. Our professionals will always carry ID. We may provide home visits where patients are incapable of attending, however a greater degree of accuracy can be obtained from our clinic.
Further more you will only be seen by Leon Cox or Amanda Johns, please do not accept appointments from any other person.
  1. Do not buy from home visit / sales people where possible. We continually hear from patients who have brought hearing aids from individuals who have never delivered any follow up care and have been left with unsatisfactory hearing aids. In some cases they are unable to contact that person again once they have handed over the money. Visit somewhere with premises with a good reputation.
  2. Research the company you are dealing with.
  3. Research the audiologist/sales person you are dealing with. If you can’t find reviews or professional information on that person they may not be very competent.
  4. Don’t buy hearing aids from companies who routinely offer FREE hearing tests. Any reputable company will charge for their time and advice. Companies offering FREE hearing tests are often desperate and you will ultimately pay for the test through inflated hearing aid prices. Often unscrupulous companies will offer FREE hearing tests and then charge you a NON-REFUNDABLE £150 FEE for impressions. The reality ultimately is you are paying £150 for the test.. this is not FREE.
  5. DO not fall for ‘buy one get one free’ or ‘50% discount’ hearing aids. Either the price will be inflated in the first place or the product the company will be often be ‘flogging’ will be old technology, if you are investing money in good healthcare the last thing you want is an obsolete hearing aid.
  6. Trial the hearing aids before you buy them. Any company offering money back guarantees are sales orientated. If someone is good at their job money back guarantees are irrelevant. Be sure before you buy, dont regret after!
If you would like to book a hearing test with one of our professionals please contact us on 01491 577555.