Where do you go for the best advice on the latest hearing aid technology? and how do you know that you have looked into all of the options available? This is a problem that I have seen patients presented with year after year. Patients are confined to wear NHS hearing aids that are fitted on budget, private patients who visit high street hearing centres who are fitted hearing aids from the manufacturer that owns that chain, or fitted with older technology which is ‘on offer’. Commonly, options and choice of hearing aid technology and assistive devices are limited to what is offered by the Audiologist or dispenser. Fundamentally, for most hearing aid wearers this is the best and easiest format, but I now deal with younger patients who are more ‘tech savvy’ and more inquisitive than what I used to deal with previously. So we have organised the Hearing Aid and Tinnitus Exhibition to help inform those people about all the possible options available to them, without bias but also to give confidence in our service.

Hundreds of people descended upon the village hall in Little Chalfont, Amersham (2/10/13) for the day. The local and wider community were overwhelmed by the quality and substance of information delivered by a host of world leading hearing aid manufacturers and Audiological specialists.

Attendees benefitted from a host of FREE giveaways and hearing healthcare advice. There was an extremely positive and welcoming atmosphere, which was really nice. The day was constantly busy and many thanks are due to Unitron, Widex, Starkey, Soundcure tinnitus, PC Werth, Phonak for making the day a success. Special thanks is also due for the local hard of hearing club who also contributed their efforts. And lastly, the event organisation skills of Eleanor Cox who organised a fluid and successful day for everyone who attended.

For information on our next exhibition call 01494 765144.