hearing aid exhibitionWould you like more information on hearing loss, hearing aids, tinnitus and assistive devices? Then look no further!

Where would you turn to for quality and reliable information about hearing loss, hearing aids and even tinnitus? Your G.P? The internet? Friends?

These are a good start however these sources may not give you the full picture on what is available and what is right for your hearing health personally. Do you go NHS? Do you go private? Do you do anything at all?

The Buckinghamshire Annual Hearing aid Tinnitus Exhibition aims to bring together the latest technological developments from all the leading hearing aid manufacturers from all over the world of audiology under one roof, to help advise and educate those who are interested in obtaining hearing aids, tinnitus therapy and general help with their hearing health.

There are both good and bad points to going both NHS or Private, but it is important to make a decision that is right for you, it can be a big decision both mentally and financially. You will not have to look far for people who will happily tell you about their hearing experiences good or bad! But it is important that while you use this information to guide you, you do not let it cloud you. Everyone’s hearing experience is different and everyone’s problems unique!

The event is absolutely FREE and provides an opportunity for you to speak to manufacturers and audiologists directly, there will be FREE hearing screening on the day however demand last year was extremely high. So far we are 70% full this year so please do not hesitate to call today on 01494 765144.