Ear Wax Removal in Henley on Thames

Excessive ear wax is an extremely common issue, which is often the root cause of a number of hearing health problems.

Ear wax consists mainly of skin and oil secretions from the ear and offers natural protection to the ear canal. Ear wax typically leaves the ear naturally, however sometimes this process can be restricted, resulting in a build up of wax which requires manual removal.

Excessive ear wax can be incredibly bothersome and disorientating and also result in hearing loss, dizziness and Tinnitus.


At The Hearing Clinic, Henley we offer Microsuction as our method of ear wax removal. Microsuction is the preferred method for patients and clinicians alike, as it is safer than traditional water methods such as irrigation and syringing. Microsuction puts less pressure on the eardrum and also has a significantly lower rate of infection.

The microsuction process involves using a medical grade suction device in the ear guided by an ENT microscope throughout the procedure, ensuring we can see the delicate structures of the ear at all times. Microsuction can be a little noisy, however the process is efficient and effective.

Microsuction can only be carried out by fully qualified and trained professionals, accredited in clinical ear care.

Your Microsuction Appointment

At The Hearing Clinic, Henley you can avoid long wait-times and be seen promptly, in some cases with a same-day appointment.

During your appointment, both ears will be fully examined and if wax is found, it will be removed using microsuction. If there is no wax present, we will conduct a hearing test to further investigate your symptoms.

The cost of the appointment is £85. This charge covers the clinic time and is applicable if wax is removed from one or two ears, and also if there is no wax present. In the event of no wax, foregin object or blockage, otoscopy and a hearing test will be conducted to further investigate the issue. Where appropriate we will also provide a referral to your GP for further investigation. Administrative fees incurred for a referral are also covered in this cost.

We do not provide free wax checks. If in doubt as to whether you have wax or not please consult with your GP or use your judgment before booking.

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