Hearing impairment would exclude most people from a professional sports career yet it has not stopped Seattle Seahawks player Derrick Coleman, he has become an integral part of the NFC West Champions team and is now on the verge of reaching the Super Bowl. Coleman lost his hearing when he was 3 years old and it has never stopped him from achieving his goals.

Coleman now 23, describes the experience as he enters the raucous stadium environment full of supporters “I get the same feeling everybody gets. But, in terms of being loud and able to hear that, I feel it. I don’t exactly hear it, it is more a sensation. I know they are all yelling, I can hear everybody talking, but it does n’t hurt me as much as everybody else”.

It would seem natural to think that any deaf player would have problems reaching the NFL, but he is an inspiration and his journey proves that hearing loss does not have to be debilitating or something to be ashamed of. Coleman recently starred in a Duracell battery advert that has become a Youtube sensation. The premise of the commercial was the importance of long-lasting batteries. Coleman acknowledges he always has an extra pair of hearing aid batteries and even needed to change them during the Seahawks recent victory over New Orleans.

At School he was often chosen last for sports because of his hearing aids and his deafness, but he has never let it affect him and his place in the NFL confirms this. If you don’t want your hearing loss to stop you reaching your goals then contact us today at Chalfont Hearing Centre and let us improve your hearing today 01494 765144.