Custom Earmoulds

Hearing Protection

The Hearing Clinic, Henley offers a complete range of quality hearing protection. Custom Earmoulds protection offers maximum comfort and noise isolation for a variety of situations from motor racing, to shooting and music performances.

Hearing protection does more than just block out noise, the intuitive technology uses an ‘attenuating filter’ which eradicates harmful frequencies whilst simultaneously reducing overall sound by 9,15,20 or 27dB.

Each item of hearing protection is custom-made for each individual user, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum protection. We can supply a full range of hearing protection including the ACS ER range to musicians, firearms users, motor enthusiasts and festival goers alike!

Custom ear moulds should only every be taken by a trained professional. They can be used for an ever-increasing number of purposes.

Shooting Plugs

If you handle firearms it is essential that you protect your hearing. Traditional shooting protection could compromise safety as they reduced all sounds around you.

CENS electronic earplugs intelligently suppress harmful levels of noise, and then intuitively switch to allow you to hear your environment and participate in conversation. At the Hearing Clinic, Henley we custom fit soft silicone ear moulds, so that you have a comfortable fit with maximum hearing protection.

Custom Hearing Aid Moulds

To get the best performance out of your hearing aid, a great fit is essential. We provide custom-fit moulds for all hearing aid devices.

Swim Moulds

Swim moulds are an ideal solution for those who have suffered from a perforated eardrum or are prone to ear canal infections. Many people recovering from ear surgery or ear infections, as well as chronic conditions such as glue ear, must keep their ear canals dry to prevent further complications developing. Whilst no swim mould will create a fully watertight seal in the ear canal, properly fitted swim moulds will ensure that the majority of the moisture is kept out of the ear.

Perfect for bathing and swimming, swim moulds comprise of a soft floatable material which is custom fitted to your ear canal.

Sleep Moulds

Comfortable and custom-fit to your ear canals, sleep moulds offer a lightweight solution that can be worn whilst sleeping to help reduce environmental sounds such as snoring or traffic.

Custom In-Ear Headphone Sleeves

In-ear headphones are a one-size-fits-all solution which means that users can have widely differing experiences of sound quality when wearing them . It is important to have a perfect seal when wearing in-ear headphones, in order to experience the full dynamic range of sound. Wearing custom-made headphone sleeves with your headphones means that you get a secure, comfortable fit without any pressure, reduced external sound and a brilliant listening experience.

In-Ear Monitors

An essential item for any musician or performer, In-Ear Monitors (IEM’s) allow you to listen to the sound that you are making, with your real-time stage sound and the added advantage of noise cancellation.

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