To keep you safe during these difficult times we have put a number of procedures in place. These are to ensure we’re looking after the safety of you and our staff and we’ve detailed these changes below.

At present we are unable to accommodate walk-ins and require all appointments to be pre-booked. All patients are required to complete a pre-treatment questionnaire.


In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are now operating under revised criteria. We are closely following the Government and the UK’s Audiological professional bodies guidance (AIHHIP, BAA, BSHAA) issued on the 1st June 2020. We appreciate that the majority of our patients fall into the 60+ age group and are in a higher risk category, so we must reduce risks. Our procedures will continue to be updated as government advice changes and new research is published on the insights on the transmission and effects of COVID-19. This procedures document is based on hearing care provision for clients who are asymptomatic/not infected with COVID-19, we will not see anyone with an active infection, or who has been recently exposed to an active infection.

Safe-Guarding of the Clinic and Protective Equipment

Partition Screening

We have installed Perspex screens throughout the clinic. These can be found positioned on the front reception desk, waiting area and clinic room. The screening has been erected strategically in order to minimise possible transmission risk in communication hotspots.

Revised Waiting Area

As we are operating a locked door policy, the waiting area has been adapted to temporarily suspend refreshments, non-essential seating, furniture and customer restroom facilities.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We operate with the use of full PPE which includes gloves, visors, face masks, aprons and hand sanitiser which are used in accordance with the UKs Audiological professional bodies guidance based on appointment type.

Revised Appointment Times

Appointment times are being extended in order to allow sufficient time to disinfect and clean the practice between patients. Subsequently the total number of appointments available each day will be reduced.


Walk in appointments will not be accepted as all clinic time must be pre-booked. Home visits are also temporarily suspended.

Revised Payment Process

All patients will be required to pay the full balance of their appointment prior to attending. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment we operate with a 48 hour cancellation policy. Appointment payments are refundable providing the appointment is cancelled with 48 hours’ notice (Mon-Fri) of the scheduled appointment time.

Cleaning and Waste Disposal

The practice will be deep-cleaned and all surfaces disinfected in between patients, ensuring that all high-touch areas receive treatment/disinfection frequently. Appropriate instructions for wet times will be followed. All PPE and microsuction equipment will be disposed of using professional waste removal services.

The Revised Patient Journey

All face-to-face appointments must be pre-booked and patients must follow the following guidelines:

  • Patients are to complete a self-assessment questionnaire before arrival. If a positive response is recorded, then staff will advise the patient to self-isolate for the required period and no appointment will be made until this period is over.

  • Patients must make payment for the appointment prior to attending the clinic, to ensure minimal contact with cash/pin machines.

  • Patients are to arrive on time and wait outside the practice until invited inside.

  • Patients are to wear a face mask at all times. In the event that a patient does not have a face mask, one will be provided.

  • Patients are to allow their temperature to be taken by staff, using an infrared thermometer.

  • Patients are to use hand-sanitiser provided upon entering the clinic.

  • Patients must only enter the appointment room when asked to do so

  • Patients should attend alone, if this is not possible then 1 additional adult is permitted to accompany the patient. No children are allowed in clinic unless they are a patient.

  • Patients must maintain a 2m distance from staff. Where clinical treatment renders this impossible then non-essential talking should be limited along with the time spent in close proximity.

  • Patients should attempt to give prior warning to the Audiologist before coughing or sneezing in the clinic room.

  • Once the appointment has finished, patients will be asked to vacate promptly.

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