Cilla Black_Hearing loss_invisible hearing aidTV Star Cilla Black (71) has recently been diagnosed with hearing loss. She has had an implantable hearing aid fitted because of damage. Implantable hearing aids like that of the Lyric from Phonak are inserted into the ear canal by a professional Audiologist and remain in the ear canal 24 hours a day; they are then replaced every 3 months. Suitability for the device is dependant upon the size and shape of the ear canal as well as the configuration of the hearing loss. Where the device is not suitable for an ear the patient can be fitted with an invisible in the canal alternative such as the nano or micro hearing aids. These are the smallest hearing aids available on the market at the moment and are completely invisible when in the ear.

The entertainer worked at the cavern club Liverpool in the 1960’s and attributes her time there to being one of the contributing factors in her hearing loss. Cilla said “It’s no fun getting older. I might be wearing beautiful diamond earrings but they can’t take away he pain of losing my hearing”.  Cilla’s hearing faded gradually over time and she did not realise how bad it had become.

The thing that made her realise that she could not hear properly was when she was on holiday in Barbados and she asked her friend “why are you whispering?” and her friend replied I am not whispering, it is you who has a hearing problem. Once getting her hearing aids Cilla found that she became increasingly aware of just how many of her peers wore hearing aids and ultimately how common it was.

While going to Barbados may nice it’s not the only way that you can find out whether you are having hearing problems, you can call us instead! Chalfont Hearing Centre offer express hearing testing services and professional  hearing aid advice. Call us in Amersham 01494 765144 or email [email protected]