Hearing Aid Connectivity Accessories

Bluetooth Hearing Aids, Connectivity and Pairing

Bluetooth hearing aids are hitting the market, multifunctional help no longer seems a stretch for hearing loss sufferers looking for an all-round solution to their needs. The possibilities are practically endless with Bluetooth hearing aids. From clearer calls to custom sound filtration, they make wearing a hearing aid entertaining as well as practical.


Hearing aid technology goes beyond simply being able to hear better, it also enables you to connect with the other technologies in your life, such as your smartphone and television.

All of the individual hearing aid manufacturers produce hearing aid accessories.

For instance, Widex produce the following:

COM-DEX Mobile Phone Streamer

COM-DEX Mobile Phone Streamer

This is a small device that hangs around your neck (like a lanyard) that wirelessly streams high-quality sound from any Bluetooth device (such as a smartphone) to the hearing aid.  Bluetooth hearing aids are digital devices with incorporated Bluetooth connectivity for streaming.


This is a small device worn around the neck that plugs into the headphone jack on mobile phones, iPods, or even your laptop. The device wirelessly streams the sound into your hearing aids. This can be useful when on a video call or you want to talk hands-free whilst driving. This device runs on a rechargeable battery.


This is a very discrete, compact device that plugs directly into the headphone jack of your mobile phone. This streams the sound wirelessly from your phone to your hearing aid, without the need to have something hanging around your neck.


If you’re a fan of radio, or you enjoy going to the theatre, this device can pick up signals from an FM receiver or telecoil, and stream the sound directly into your hearing aid.


This device sits next to your TV and streams sound directly from your TV to your hearing aid, without you needing to wear a device.


This little device which hangs like a pendant around your neck, wirelessly streams high-quality, distortion free sound in real-time. It has a clever ‘Room Off’ function, which means you can switch off all unnecessary background noise, whilst you enjoy your favourite TV programmes.

Smartphone Apps

Each hearing aid manufacturer has an App for IOS and Android users to remotely adjust their hearing aids. Some of these apps offer simple solutions for volume control and minor adjustments, whilst others go beyond this.

Starkey’s latest hearing aid technology, the Livio Edge AI, works seamlessly with their app ‘Thrive’. As a first of its kind in this industry, the Thrive app works in conjunction with the wearer’s hearing aids to monitor their steps and physical activity, along with their levels of engagement and even if they have had a fall. In addition to this, the app also allows for reminders to be set, such as for medication administration and even has an inbuilt translation feature, which translates 27 languages directly into the hearing aids.

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