recycle hearing aids for developing worldIn the UK we take access to healthcare for granted. Unfortunately, for many in remote villages in Africa and Asia; Audiologists, hearing aids and maintenance provision is scarce if not non-existent. Hearing loss as we know can lead to learning difficulties, communication problems and isolation. For those in the developing world hearing loss can result in social exclusion, employment problems and worse. The cost of technology, hospital development, staffing and training is prohibitive. The problems associated with service provision are further compounded owing to the most trivial of issues like the provision of batteries to power the hearing aids. However, several groups are now committed to making annual trips to donate clinical expertise, take donated hearing aids and batteries to people who need help. Slowly it is making a big difference to quality of life for those affected by hearing loss.

We are now collecting old hearing aids, from local people who have generously dropped them into our Hearing Centre in Little Chalfont. It does not matter what age, make or model of the hearing aid as all types can be modified and cleaned. If you would like to donate your old hearing aids then drop them into us. In some cases we will even offer some discount on new hearing aids when you donate your old ones, for information on hearing aid recycling and to see if you could get some money of a new pair of hearing aids contact us on 01494 765144