too_pretty_to_get_illAttractive people are less likely to get health related problems like asthma, diabetes and tinnitus research suggests.

The research suggested a strong correlation between men and women’s attractiveness rating and the likelihood that they would suffer from health problems. They also reported feeling healthier, having less time off work and suffered from less mental health problems.

The study from the US was based on women and men aged 24 to 35, who were monitored tracked over the last 10 years. The subjects were put into 5 categories very attractive, attractive, about average, unattractive and very unattractive. For each increase in attractiveness level there was a 13% reduction in the likelihood to get tinnitus.  Researchers suggest their findings support the theory that attractiveness is a marker of healthy genes.

I think the study is quite important for genetics research. However, I think from a tinnitus research point of view I think the findings have limited use. I don’t think it would go down well pointing out to someone the reason they may have tinnitus is because they are ugly! However, for a more insightful assessment of why you have tinnitus why not book in for a professional consultation at Chalfont hearing Centre, call us on 01494 765144 today!