Hearing aid ChoicesAs an audiologist I find that the biggest challenge in auditory rehabilitation using amplification is breaking down the barrier that patients put up.  One of these barriers can be to wearing hearing aids themselves. This apprehension is less commonly about the stigma but is more about the appropriateness and effectiveness of the devices.  In order to dispel concerns it was necessary to order hearing aids which could take several weeks. This often left the patient without a clear picture about how their hearing loss was actually affecting them.

Flex:trial was launched in 2012 as a unique platform, it provides the ability to fit a patient with a same-day trial of new hearing aids programmed with the specific technology level best suited them. The hearing aids can be programmed as either budget or premium level hearing aids, which ensure that expectation levels are appropriate. The system is only available to approved independent hearing centres.

As an approved hearing centre, Chalfont Hearing Centre as part of our hearing assessment, awe re able to demonstrate hearing aids and any benefit of amplification immediately. This helps the patient understand the extend of their hearing loss, give an idea of the level of any possible improvement and any possible limitations. Which we have found that this system reduces fear and uncertainty that can result from waiting to receive hearing aids. So if you are unsure whether hearing aids are right for you then contact us to experience Flex:trial today on 01494 765144.