Noise damage hearing protectionA recent poll of 1000 adults in the UK indicated that about two-thirds of people are left with ringing in their ears after a night out at a club, gig or pub. Most people are unaware of the potential dangers of loud music while a third polled would ignore the “safe level” on their music players.

Exposure to loud music even for short periods of time will increase the risk of tinnitus.

The problem affects a lot of people especially musicians and artists. DJ Paul Oakenfold has publicly voiced the importance of wearing ear defenders to gigs and to “turn down the volume”.

CEO of Hospital Records, London Elektricity (aka Tony Colman) also suffers from tinnitus and hearing loss. “The noise is always there but I just live with it, I’ve learned to make friends with it, but I know some people are really affected by it”.

Half of those surveyed said they listened to music for between one and six hours a day – up to a third of their waking day – perhaps in the background at work or on their MP3 player on their way to and from work or studies. But one in five would not do anything differently to take any care of their hearing.

Action on Hearing Loss warns that one in 10 people across the UK is affected by tinnitus every day, ranging from a “light buzzing” to a “constant roar” in the ears and head. It can affect everything from the ability to concentrate at work to getting to sleep at night.

The poll also found that one in 10 people does not know what tinnitus is, with 3% thinking it was “big ears” and 4% a “repetitive strain injury”.

Leon Cox, Director and Audiologist at the Chalfont Hearing Centre, Bucks is helping promote tinnitus awareness week (3-9 February 2014). “Tinnitus is a problematic condition there is no cure for it, but it can be managed so that people do not feel so helpless. I have custom hearing protection that I take to music festivals and gigs, I would also recommend getting noise cancelling headphones to reduce overexposure to noise”.

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