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Hearing Aid Pricing

We believe in transparency that’s why we have detailed our hearing aid price guide for you below.  The prices listed are a guide per hearing aid and are inclusive of fitting, rehabilitation, comprehensive aftercare and a 3 year warranty. Prices for a pair of hearing aids differ. We also offer a fully inclusive service package for advanced and premium hearing aid ranges. We are independent and can supply any hearing aid from any manufacturer. None of the hearing aids or services we provide are available via the NHS. Hearing aids are selected based upon our assessment outcomes, physical considerations, lifestyle requirements, cosmetic requirements and budget. The average lifespan of a hearing aid is estimated to be between 3-5 years, however this is only a conservative guide. We feel our hearing aid package prices are competitive however, if you find cheaper we will happily match. Price comparisons will only be made on like for like products and services from reputable centres.

Classic Hearing Aid Range = £850

Performance Hearing Aid Range = £1350

Advanced Hearing Aid Range = £1750

Premium Hearing Aid Range = £1995