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Unitron Hearing Aids

unitron_logo_newFounded in 1964, Unitron has expanded to have offices in 19 countries worldwide with trusted distributors placed in a further 40 countries. For over half a century, Unitron have developed innovative hearing solutions inspired by real life. Their hearing instruments are built on the world’s most advanced platform and reflect the depth of their audiological and scientific expertise.

Powered by Era, Unitron’s latest generation sound processing platform, their product range covers all hearing aid styles from the elegant Moxi Kiss, the almost invisible Quantum micro CIC to the unmatched Max. The Era platform is also variable enough to cover all levels of financial needs from their entry level E Line to the premium Pro products.  Unitron realised that speech intelligibility was one of the highest priorities for end users and so have incorporated both their Smart Focus and Speechzone technologies into their platform meaning that understanding speech in any environment is now easier than ever before. From the quiet of your front room to the busiest of public spaces you can rest assured Unitron will bring in a new dawn of hearing clarity.

As well as providing universal solutions for all wearers Unitron also focus on specific issues relating to hearing loss. The two key areas that Era covers are Tinnitus sufferers through their Moxi Kiss range and those with a profound hearing loss covered by their Max range.  The Moxi Kiss introduces its own Tinnitus Masker programme that can help with the symptoms of Tinnitus, providing a combination of relief, hearing and style.  The Max range is unique as it is one of the most powerful aids available that incorporates the company’s patented, Speech Intelligibility. It also offers the Power Adaptation Manager a unique feature that allows the wearer to have the amplification they desire whilst never being in danger of further hearing loss.

Their range of Digital Wireless Accessories will also connect you to the world in ways you didn’t think were possible. The two types of remote offered,  give you either the choice of complete control or complete style with the Smart Control and the Unitron Remote Control respectively. The uDirect is a Bluetooth streaming device that is an unprecedented key to technology being able to pair with any Bluetooth device and stream to your Hearing Aids.  The crowning glory of the Era range of Digital Wireless Accessories is the uMic. The uMic is Unitron’s personal wireless microphone system that allows the wearer to hearing people more easily in challenging listening environments.