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Wax Removal

WY84196- p35Chalfont Hearing P3(arm)The most common hearing problems that people suffer with, tend to be as a result of wax blockages. In many cases wax will leave the ear naturally, however on occasion this process can be restricted and require manual removal.  It is natural to have wax in the ear, it is important because it has many protected properties. However, from time to time an over secreation of oil or dead skin in the ear can result in more viscous and troublesome wax.  As well as reduced hearing excessive wax can also result in Tinnitus. Having regular ear assessments is important and will highlight any ear wax build up.

There are a few different techniques for removal, ranging from syringing to suction. Typically there are long waiting lists for ear wax removal from your GP, some have even stopped doing wax removal altogether. Over the counter drops will soften the wax in your ear and for small blockages will help clear the ear. If there is a large amount of wax in your ear, olive oil and over the counter wax removal sprays (like Otex) will not clear the ear in most cases. Professional earwax removal should be arranged in these cases.

We are CEC certified by BSHAA to offer safe ear wax removal. We supply wax removal services using Microsuction from both our Chalfont and Henley-on-Thames sites rather than syringing typically, as this method is now obsolete. Appointments can be made within 48 hours in a majority of cases, and can even be made the same day. The cost for ear wax removal starts at £75. Emergency appointments are charged from £95.