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Custom Earmoulds


Swim Moulds

Many patients recovering from ear infections or ear surgery, as well as those with chronic conditions such as glue ear, must keep their ear canals dry to prevent more severe problems from developing. While no swim mould can create an absolutely watertight seal in the ear canal, properly fitted swim moulds will keep out most of the moisture that can aggravate outer/middle ear conditions. Ideal for bathing, showering or swimming, swim moulds are simply soft custom fit ear moulds without any bore or tubing. Swim moulds are made from a floatable material available in a range of colours.

Night Moulds

A similar mould can also be custom made to wear whilst sleeping. These help to reduce any noise which would otherwise disturb your sleep, such as traffic noise and snoring.They are comfortable and can be worn throughout the night.

In light of the latest lockdown restrictions in the UK we are changing the way will be providing hearing aid and ear wax removal services until further notice. Given the current infection rates locally we are limiting all face-to-face contact to by-appointment only.

There is a social responsibility for us all to stay at home unless it is absolutely necessary, until at very least the end of January. Please do not attend the clinic without an appointment or without contacting us prior to attending, emergency appointments will only be provided once we have triaged your need by phone.

Where we deem it an emergency, we will assign you a specific appointment time, any bookings will need to be paid for prior to attendance. Subsequently any cancellations are subject to our 72-hour cancellation policy.

Appointment times have been further lengthened in order to allow us time to complete our additional safety procedures. We have introduced the use of fogging equipment between appointments in order to disinfect all surfaces and air completely, to ensure the maximum safety for our patients and staff. Emergency wax removal appointments are therefore subject to a temporary price increase to take into account the additional safety measures required due to the aerosol generating nature of microsuction equipment.