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For the past 12 years I have been deaf. Very deaf in one ear. I have tried National Health aids and expensive aids from private national companies that promised to make a huge difference. They didn’t. Then I met people from The Chalfont Hearing Centre. Here everything was so different. The Audiologist listened as I explained my difficulties in various situations.
I had the usual hearing tests then he carefully explained what the various solutions were for my particular needs.

He demonstrated one of the solutions straight away by fitting very small aids in both my ears. When he spoke to me my reaction was to weep – with joy. For the first time in years I could hear properly, and the aids were so comfortable I was n’t aware of them. The following week I had my own tailor-made aids fitted. I was given careful instructions in what to expect.
Each day the aids were programmed to gradually increase their effectiveness – so that my brain could adjust o the improvement. A week later I had a follow-up appointment to make sure all was well. I have the opportunity to go back at any time if I need help and will be followed up regularly.

Each morning when I put my aids in I feel fantastic. I no longer feel left out of what is happening around me. I am hearing things I haven’t heard for years. The aids are so comfortable I forget that I have them in. The service given to me by The Centre has made a huge difference to my life.

Gill Collison , Chalfont, Buckinghamshire

As a proud possessor of wonderfully up-dated hearing aids (from widex) carefully, digitally and very professionally fitted by Leon, I would like to say – just thank you!!  It means that I can now hear sounds which I did not remember having forgotten!

Long Live the Centre! and a very happy and successful New Year to you, Leon and your staff.

Mrs Sinstead, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire

Before I got my hearing aids I felt extremely isolated and had to look at faces to understand people. I did not want to wear hearing aids and was very nervous. My family told me it was important so I finally got around to doing something. After visiting Leon at the Chalfont Hearing Centre I realised it was not so scary, it was actually really easy to get used to. Leon was very nice and to date I am very happy with the service. My hearing aids which I think are Widex are really very comfortable and very discreet. I would advise others to do something sooner rather than later, it has helped me so much.

JS, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire

Dear Mr Cox,

Unbelievably, my Siemens hearing aid pure 501 was returned to me by my car valet firm undamaged! I therefore return your loan instruments which you kindly leant me while I was without my hearing aids for the last couple of weeks. I think I need a check up so will be in contact soon.

Yours Sincerely

PG, Chalfont st Giles, Buckinghamshire

My wife was fed up having to repeat everything she said to me and encouraged me to get my ears tested. This i did and went to Chalfont Hearing Centre, where I received a hearing test and at no time did I feel pressurised. I decided to continue and I now have very good hearing and a happy wife.  So what are you waiting for? Get a hearing test, it’s a win win situation, you cannot lose.

Peter Horton, Chalfont, Bucks

Dear Mr Cox,

Thank you so much for the loan of some hearing aids until my new aids were made. It was nice to have an option between styles but I am now sure that we made the right decision going for the in-the-ear version. The new aids came in a very impressive box! I hope you receive the loan aids soon. I look forward to seeing you on my next trip to see my daughter.

Yours Sincerely

Jean M, Inverness

I wanted to find out about the types of hearing aids, ear moulds and tinnitus treatments available and was very pleased with the hearing aid and tinnitus day you organised. Everyone was very helpful and not pushy. I now feel informed and reassured by the support available. Once I am cleared by ENT I will be in for a test in the future.

JW, Chalfont st Giles, Bucks

I felt left out and the family were very frustrated. Leon gave me sound advice and offered lots of different options. I now feel more comfortable in company. I’m still getting used to my own voice and ignoring little sounds but I am very happy. Once I got over the embarrassment, the hearing aids changed my life.

IR, Chalfont, Bucks

I found the Chalfont Hearing Centre easily accessible and friendly. I found that communication was difficult.  Making the decision to contact someone was the biggest hurdle for me. Once I was fitted with my Widex hearing aids, I realised how deaf I really was. Now I can use the phone and join in family conversations, my new hearing aids have given me more confidence. I am so pleased with the service and would advise anyone to get expert advice as soon as possible. I have found my hearing aids to be better than my NHS aids and would recommend the Chalfont Hearing Centre to anyone.

Mr Saunders, Amersham, Bucks

The Chalfont Hearing Centre make every effort to satisfy, Leon was very friendly and helpful and was attentive to all my needs. My hearing loss is only in one ear but it was extremely frustrating. Adjusting to the sound quality of previous hearing aids was difficult. However, Leon recommended a Phonak CROS aid for me and it has made such a difference to group conversations. It is amazing how the aid fools the brain into thinking that I can hear on my poor side. The Bluetooth link for my mobile phone is excellent, and is far superior to the Siemens wireless link I had previously. I would say that as a new user getting used to the fit of the aid and the battery life are the most difficult things to deal with.

Tony Shapps, Northwood, North London

I liked the fact the Chalfont Hearing Centre is local and within walking distance to my house. The service is also excellent.

JM, Chalfont, Bucks

Chalfont Hearing were at my opticians in Chalfont St Peter (Oliver’s opticians), so I thought I would get my ears tested as well as my eyes. I was not hearing well and struggled speaking to people, the family and friends have noticed how much my hearing has improved since I was fitted with my unitron hearing aid. I never realised there was a need to get tested or where I should go to get a test. I was apprehensive at first and did not want anything behind the ear, however Leon explained there were better options. He now visits me at home, and I have 6 monthly visits to ensure everything is ok.

DC, Gerrards Cross, Bucks