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Earwax Removal at The Hearing Clinic, Henley

Ear Wax Removal

THERE are two different wax removal techniques

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

This is the method of removal we now at our clinic, it uses a small gentle vacuum to clear the ear of wax

Price - £60 (1 Ear) £75 (Both Ears)

Irrigation Ear Wax Removal

Traditional and more outdated method using a controlled flow of water to clear the ear wax. We can offer this as an option but will typically use Microsuction.

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Same day appointments are subject to availability. Olive oil may need to be applied to ear canal prior to visit. Irrigation is not suitable for patients with perforations, some previous types of operation or active infections. Severely impacted wax may not be able to be removed in certain cases. We will refuse treatment where there are contra-indications that make removal unsafe. We will not typically conduct wax removal on children under 5 years. 

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Wax removal may in rare cases result in infection, hearing loss, tinnitus, perforation of ear drum, pain and bleeding.