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Unitron Moxi Now Invisible RIC Hearing Aids

Experience The World's Smallest Hearing Aid

They say the best things in life are often the smallest. They must be talking about Moxi Now, the world’s smallest wireless RIC. The smooth lines and nearly invisible size of Moxi Now make it so comfortable and light you can wear it all day long. From a dinner out, to a business meeting, to a coffee date with friends, Moxi Now automatically adapts to make sure listening always sounds natural and you never miss out on any of the conversation.

Step 1: Book a Professional Hearing Assessment With Our Friendly Audiologists

Visit one of our Award Winning Hearing Clinics. Our expert audiologists will listen to your needs and requirements, comprehensively test your hearing ability, evaluate your lifestyle requirements and make tailor-made recommendations to perfectly match you to your ideal hearing aid solution. The cost of our standard hearing test is £45 and our full audiological assessment is £95.

Step 2: Try It at home Risk Free for yourself using our exclusive flex trial system

Nervous or unsure that it will work for you? Or that you’ve made the right choice?  Don’t worry! Our unique approach to hearing aid programming and no hassle hearing aid trial system will successfully prove benefit, before you even make your life changing purchase.

Try it

Trial the hearing aid risk free with no obligation for upto 14 days

Wear it

Wear it in your favourite environments with the people most important to you

Love it

Purchase the hearing aid & select suitable aftercare and warranty packages

Unitron Moxi Now Hearing aid Prices from £399 to £2000 Per Aid

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