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Ear Wax Removal, Henley on Thames | Henley Hearing Clinic

The ear wax removal, Henley on Thames, Henley Hearing Clinic video demonstrates how ear wax is removed at Henley Hearing Centre. Ear wax removal only takes between ten to fifteen minutes at the Henley Hearing Clinic.

My name’s Leon Cox and I’m the audiologist at the Hearing Clinic Henley and we specialise in ear wax removal.

Applying olive oil at Henley Hearing Centre, Henley on Thames
Applying olive oil prior to irrigation
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Inspecting the ear at Henley Hearing Centre, Henley on Thames
Inspecting the ear before wax removal
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We would typically ask you to use some olive oil, two to three days before ear wax removal. However we will also use some olive oil prior to irrigation on the day.

Prior to the procedure we will conduct a quick inspection of your ear. We use a collection cup to collect the water and we use warm water to slowly and gently irrigate the ear.

From the patient’s perspective all you’ll feel is a slight warm bubbling sensation in the ear. The procedure is extremely quick and can take anywhere from a couple of seconds to a maximum of a couple of minutes.

Once the wax has been removed from the ear the patient will usually immediately experience an improvement in their hearing ability. So from the minute you walk in to the minute you walk out you can expect the appointment to last no longer than ten to fifteen minutes.

Using warm water to remove ear wax at Henley Hearing Centre, Henley on Thames
Using warm water to remove ear wax
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Completing ear wax removal at Henley Hearing Centre, Henley on Thames
Ear wax removed in ten to fifteen minutes
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What is ear wax?

We are often asked why we have ear wax. It is not as a result of poor hygiene as many people think, but a clever mix of ingredients which have an important role in protecting and cleaning our ears.

In addition to trapping dirt and any creepy crawlies, ear wax lubricates the skin, and provides anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties – ensuring the ear is kept healthy.

Ear wax naturally moves out of our ears. In fact, every time we talk, chew or yawn we are encouraging this process. Whilst many people remain unaffected by ear wax problems, ear wax can be a real issue for some.

So how would you know if you had an ear wax build up if you can’t see it?

The most common symptoms are a blocked sensation, a drop in hearing, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), dizziness and discomfort. The best way to clean the ears is to use a warm washcloth when in the shower, and gently clean the outer ear up to the opening of the ear canal only. NEVER use cotton buds as you could damage your ears. They also may compact the ear wax – making it impossible to come out in the usual way. Also, using cotton buds stimulates the ear canal to produce more wax and exacerbate the problem!

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