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Hearing Aid Battery Types Henley Hearing Clinic, Henley on Thames | Henley Hearing Clinic

The Hearing aid Battery Types Henley Hearing Clinic, Henley on Thames | Henley Hearing Clinic video demonstrates the four main types of batteries that are used for the appropriate hearing aid.

My name’s Leon Cox and I’m the audiologist at the hearing clinic Henley. Today’s video is going to talk you through the different types of hearing aid batteries that are available for your hearing aid. There are four main types of battery. They are denominated by either a colour or a number.

Yellow size 10 hearing aid battery, Marlow
Size 10 Hearing Aid Battery
Brown size 312 hearing aid battery, Marlow
Size 312 Hearing Aid Battery

The smallest of the hearing aid batteries is the size ten or the yellow. This hearing aid battery is typically for the smaller hearing aids such as the CICs or the IICs, which stand for Completely In the Canal or Invisible In the Canal hearing aids. These batteries for an average user will last typically three to five days.

The next size up is the brown 312. You can typically expect this type of hearing aid to last seven to ten days for the average user.

The size most commonly used, especially within NHS hearing aids, are the orange thirteens. Typically this will last most users up to two weeks of continual wearing.

Finally you have the blue 675 battery. This is for a power hearing instrument and will typically last somewhere between seven to fourteen days.

Orange size 13 hearing aid battery, Marlow
Size 13 Hearing Aid Battery
Blue size 675 hearing aid battery, Marlow
Size 675 Hearing Aid Battery

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